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How Many Stars for your Honorary Donations

By joining our board of honorary Members, you get among other privileges, a "Members Only" Access code on the website, with exclusive bonuses (uncut scenes, official poster, Interviews, original screenplay, reviews, articles and much more...)


There are 5 levels of Honorary Members.


1 Star

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The more Stars you get, the more priviledges you receive.


Your donations help us give a career to the movie:

- Create promotional material (T-shirts, flyers, postards)

- Screen Hawa to local Communities and colleges

- Submit the movie to Festivals

- etc.


Finally as an Honorary Member, when you make your very first Donation of the Year 2015 to support our activities, you will receive an Official Certificate of Appreciation from the Director of the movie.



Choose one category of donation from the panel on the right side on the screen, 

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You can also become a lifetime Supporter of HAWA.

Make a donation of any amount here:

1 Star Honorary Member

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You get a "Members Only" Access Code tour website.


*You also receive An Official  1 Star Certificate of Appreciation if it is your first Donation.

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