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Arzouma Aime Kompaore is a passionate filmmaker,  Media Artist, Cultural Entrepreneur and Journalist.


His work showcases a wide range of skills from interactive media, computer programming to photography, graphic design, 2D & 3D animation, film production, in Africa, Europe and America. Arzouma works with TV section of he francophone branch of Voice of America where he primarily produces human Interest news stories.


Arzouma owns a Masters in computer Science from Limoges'​ School of Engineers, France. He also graduated from Burkina Faso's National Film School undergraduate program. Kompaore's official film debut was writing, producing, directing and editing HAWA, his final thesis project at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated in 2013 with a Master in Fine Arts in Film and Animation while on a Fulbright Scholarship. 


HAWA has since been shown in many Festivals , gathered rave reviews from critics, and incorporated in curricula in US colleges. In 2015 the "Hawa College Tour"​ brought the movie to 15 colleges and Universities nationwide who benefited a screening and discussion with director Arzouma Kompaore. He is currently working on a his next project inspired by immigrants' lives in USA.


Apart from his passion for film and Media Arts in general, Arzouma is always looking to  ignite passion within others so this same passion takes them on exciting journeys.

"As a filmmaker, I make movies based on what my eyes see, and my face gets slapped for I have seen it. I have seen couples self-destruct because of materialism, selfish ambitions, women incapable of freeing themselves from a dying authoritarian husband, men thrown in jail by greedy wives, laws written to protect criminals, moral values perverted wives gone evil because of money etc. When somebody slaps you in the face, you don’t think weather you should cry or not, you cry very loud and then you hold your chin. In this case, the world was too big to hear me well, so I wrote Hawa."

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