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Stephen started his multimedia company Between The Notes Productions in 2010. Since then, his goal of making unique and diverse music has led him to score for films that have received accolades from International festival awards to the Student Academy Awards.  Starting with an early education in music at the age of nine with the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music to Eastman School of Music and the University of Rochester, Stephen has worked for many diverse and innovative projects. Stephen’s dedication to provide high quality music for films and video games has attained him the position as a technical assistant at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions under Henry Jackman in 2011.  Stephen’s drive to create and expand has allowed him and his company to be on the frontier of many multimedia projects.  Along with his company Stephen has broaden his horizon from doing freelance work with the LA Times doing cross- country coverage of the Occupy protest to directing films; one currently nominated for an RIT Honors Award, award pending May 2013. 
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